These are the Questions

Questions on the human experience, on religion, purpose of humanity and the differences between other animals and ourselves, on friendships and paradigms, on arts and on cultures, to simple questions like 'what does your diet look like' or 'how do you exercise' have been asked. 

Escaping the rigor of everyday life, the typical schedule that each of us typically take on day in and day out takes a little time. But eventually we clear our heads, then we're able to embrace new experiences and begin to ponder important questions, the things we don't get to in our regular routine. Through the experience of breaking that routine and getting to experience it alongside another person that also embraces time for contemplation, I'm allowed the space to push my mind into new spaces and grow as a person. 

I think that's what's so great about getting out and seeing new things. We get lost, we see a new image or hear a new sound and it sparks our mind in a very particular way. We have to tussle with the unknown, with uncertainty, and it pushes our mind in new directions. We can drown in the overload of information that each of our senses brings in, or we learn to swim. Once we have a decent stroke, some of us never stop seeking out these experiences. I guess they say you catch the bug

I can understand that. My sense of adventure has never been so rampant. As I meet more and more people that come from different corners of the world and listen to their unique perspectives, I itch for more knowledge. Why subject myself to third party sources of knowledge when I know the story will be different on the ground? Every time I travel, I break barriers and ultimately put to rest stereotypes. Why live with a knowledge base built on other peoples perceptions when there is much more to each story, much more to experience oneself?

These are the questions we get to ponder - and for this time and experience in contemplation I am forever grateful.