Night in the Sahara

Laying out under the night sky, few distractions beyond the sporadic murmur of foreign languages in the distance and a bit of Bob Marley playing softly by the two French guys laying behind me, on the outskirts of the Sahara desert. I'm in the middle of nowhere Morocco. After driving for an unknown but ridiculous amount of hours over two days, the group I was with got out of our van and finally mounted the backs of a few camels and rode two hours into the desert until arriving at a small camp at the foot of a few large sand dunes. It's been strange really, because after driving so many hours I've almost become numb to the sights around me. It does seem to become a little bit monotonous once you're on flat baron land after so much time. Riding camels out into the middle of the desert doesn't sound like the most fun really, especially when it's hot as hell and you're stopped at a hotel to wash up and use the bathroom. But now, now that I'm laying out here under the stars, the uncomfortable camel ride was completely worth it, and all the driving is slipping away. It's beautiful. 

It takes me back to the other opportunities I've had in which I was in completely desolate places, and the stars shine bright by the millions. It's amazing how much the full moon lights up the night sky, and now that my eyes are adjusted there's absolutely no need for a light. It's basically the sun - they just swapped places and this doesn’t make me red. I'm sleeping under the stars tonight, and I may regret it in the morning when sand, heat, and possibly scorpions envelope my body, but right now, it’s magical. 

Who knows how many chances I'll have to sleep in the Sahara, so I might as well make it memorable under the stars. I can't turn off my night light that is the moon, and the distant noises from presumably other camps will be the lullaby that puts me to sleep. 

Masalaama - tonight should be a good nights rest, insha’allah.