School's in Session

School started again today, which I have been anxiously waiting for! I heard so many things about how crazy it is, so of course I wanted to experience the insanity in person. All of the stories materialized today and they couldn’t have been more right; these kids are insane and they absolutely love the volunteer teachers.

There must be something about me that makes me look like a human jungle gym apparently, because kids that have never seen me or been acquainted with me have no qualms with running and jumping on me, climbing me, pulling and scratching me. I’m just the perfect toy evidently. Break time, or recess, is absolutely chaos. There are kids trying to play football, many just sitting around in their social circles, boys spinning tops vigorously, people playing chase, kids obviously jumping and climbing on the volunteers, fighting, and much much more.

Teachers are extremely strict, as they have to be apparently. You have to scare these kids to death almost for them to pay any attention to you. I’m too soft right now as I found out, and must get a little more harsh when trying to control them during the physical education. With time I’m sure I will figure it out.

The physical recreation activities go something like this: control them at the very beginning, get a few run throughs of the activity, then eventually you have ten kids in the bushes, six kids running around the church, eight kids crying, five kids jumping on somebody and three fighting. The go-to game is Duck Duck Goose is what I learned in this situation - of course that’s what we ended up playing.

School was short today as well, as we are just getting into the swing of things again. I’m excited to start my after-school football (soccer) program tomorrow. I watched some of the kids today, and I’m pretty amazed at the ball skills they have. They are good with the ball at their feet, but fundamentals aren’t really there - passing and shooting is still a rough spot. We will definitely be working on that when I can have a little say. I hear we get to play some other schools in this school session, so competition will be very nice for me as well.

As for now, I’ll be heading to the beach to catch some rays and hang out with the surfers. One of these days I’ll be taking some lessons. How can I come down here so often and not get on a board? We are in the surfing capital of the world - well almost.

Tonight is a big night for all of the volunteers; Brass Bell in Kalk Bay with everyone for a huge karaoke party. Everybody is pretty stoked about it, as am I. Apparently all of the new volunteers have to sing a song that the veterans decide on - lets hope they are nice to me. I don’t want to scare everybody away with these wimpy pipes.

It’s easy to fall in love with the kids at school, even though they’re terrible at listening to you, because they light up at seeing you and all I can manage to do is crack a smile back. I’ll try and catch some video of school activities some day for all to see what I’m talking about. Keep on rockin’ and rollin’ everybody, I’ll sure try to keep up the pace here.