Always a First Time

I don't really know where to begin with day two. I didn't think I'd have much of a story really. It was a rainy day in Montevideo. I didn't do much other than stroll around nearby my hostel, taking a short visit to La Rambla around Pocitos beach. I sat down at a cafe on the edge of the beach for an expresso and had a chance to relax and read, then study my Spanish phrase book some. This is kind of the ideal thing for me to do, but of course it would be nice to do it with a little sand between the toes and some sunlight beaming down on my back. We take what we can get I suppose. Oh I also had multiple issues with pulling money out at the ATMs, and if my debit cards don't work, guess who doesn't have any money? This guy. I'd be relegated to credit cards only, that means no taxis, busses, or meals under roughly $15. Not really and ideal situation to be in.

Don't worry, the story gets better. Just give me some time.

I head back to the hostel and hang out for quite a bit just checking out news across the interwebz, lugging through a few blogs, you know the things you typically do when you're just burning up some time. I head up to my room and lay down to rest before the bar gets revved up downstairs and all the zombies come out to play. It's 11pm by the time I finally decide to go socialize with them a bit and am ready to embarrass myself in front of any new visitors with my pitiful Spanish speaking ability. Let's go.

I head down with no intention of socially drinking, because well, I have no money to buy a drink with. Oh but am I wrong. My new Brazilian friends basically have a community drinking bucket, for lack of a better term. They insist I share with them, so I do. After about an hour I think I'm going to call it a night early and try to make it out early in the morning, if the weather permits, to get out a little further into the city. But wait - they now insist that I join them for the rest of the evening. I explain how I have no money and they could care less, they just want me to come out to the nightclubs. After about five minutes of badgering I finally say whatever and think my plans for the morning are shot to hell as I trudge along behind them headed to who-knows-where. Whatever. I almost immediately get over it and hope to make the best of the situation by getting to dance to some funky Latin music at some funky nightclub. That's an experience right.

You wouldn't believe where I end up. It's a first for me.

After two failed attempts to get into clubs because of their dress codes, which don't really ask of much other than no athletic shoes or unfashionable t-shirts, both of which every single one of them are wearing, they inquire at the third one in the area and report back to me that this is a "gay party." I have two options at this point, one is to say no and walk back 25 minutes to the hostel or just go with it. I choose the latter. This will be new to me. There are some females with us and I'm thinking as a group we'll have fun. I mean hell, typically you dance with the people within your group anyways and  that will likely be the case here.

That was the case, but we had some intruders if you will. Some of those intruders also hit on me. They did so in a pretty uncomfortable way and they did it in Spanish, and they had a hard time hearing me when I simple said no thanks, and "Oh I don't speak Spanish." But after a few times of me waving my hands in my defense and scooting over to grab one of the Brazilian girls to dance with, they left me alone. So I for the most part had fun, until one of the Brazilian guys begins to get too drunk and won't leave me alone. Come to find out, he bats on both sides of the plate and I guess I was looking extra spicy on this particular evening. I was informed, by him, that he liked me, and he wanted to kiss me. It was more like, "Me gusta mucho. Quiero besarte." I backed up and tried to be as polite as I could to tell him no. I made it pretty clear before going in that I was heterosexual but I had no issues with homosexuals, so it wouldn't bother me to be in such a place. Little did I know he would go this far, and be persistent.

After moving away and being chased, after mixing myself into the middle of the crown and being found, and after saying no one too many times, I am standing with my back against a wall and fell a cold sensation run down my back. I realize this sensation is in the form of a beer, being poured by this individual, down my neck. He looks at me and says "¡Refresco!" I immediately walk away and I'm already tired, so I want to leave. I make light of it with his friends, but I make it clear I'm ready to leave by this point. After slight persuasion, I walk home with a few individuals.

I never have felt so sought after. Who knew?

I get home and have to shower it off. It's another late night - roughly a 4:30 bedtime.

I just need to make sure I get to see the city tomorrow.