I Hold In My Hand

When I saw video footage of the bombings at the Boston Marathon, I was amazed by the human spirit. Two bombs go off. People are running from the sound. Within seconds you hear people come to the realization that others are likely hurt. They turn around and dart towards the bombing - unknowing if another might go off - unfazed by the possibility. This is humanity doing good. What I saw was people running to help their neighbor, regardless of their relationship, with the intention of assisting whoever they could in this grief-stricken moment. There was a similar response on 9/11 as safety personnel ran into burning buildings to assist others, and people going about their regular routine within the towers put themselves at risk to get others to safety. 

After 9/11, my English class was given an assignment to write a poem or short story in regard to the feelings and aftermath of the tragic day. I was in the 6th grade at the time, and it’s something I’ll probably never forget. This poem is a collection of words that reflect the feelings resulting from the strike on the twin towers, and the bravery seen in the face of terror. 


I hold in my hand

a world full of dreams

battered and bruised from unthinkable things

I hold in my hand

the wishes to heal

a grief stricken world that’s been hurt by ill will

I hold in my hand

a world that’s been rocked

I hold in my hand

the keys to unlock

the heart of a nation

the soul of a land

all of these things I hold in my hand

united as one

united are all

united this land that will never fall

kind words, love, and compassion

will comfort this land

all of these things I hold in my hand