Galleries Galore

Stephen and I woke up with a little bit of a plan today, and that was to immerse ourselves into the art and culture of this place a bit more. We took the train into Woodstock, which is the last stop right before Cape Town. I didn't know what to expect really, because I knew we were going to see some galleries so I figured it would be a nice area. Come to find out, I was about as wrong as I could be. Woodstock was full of graffiti and grunge would describe this place well. It was full of people on the main street carrying boxes of items, some probably hustling them off to make a little money for the day. We stopped in a couple of stores to seek assistance in finding an address and nobody was of any help - they would simply shrug us off. At this point I was getting somewhat scared because this place is foreign, sketchy, and nobody cares to help. We finally come up on a taxi driver that is eating in his van and ask him if he'd give us a lift to our destination, which ended up being about five minutes down the road.  

When we finally arrived to the right area of town, it was much different. It's hard to believe the difference that can be seen when you drive five minutes. We entered the first gallery and it had very little art on the walls, rather videography in many small theaters. These were interesting films, not so much movies but video art. It was a really nice gallery, as was the next one, and the next one. These beautiful places were stuck in a very dismal place, creating a very unique dynamic. One good thing to see was that the art being displayed was selling. 

My favorite of the galleries was the last one we visited. It was tucked away in an old warehouse area that has been converted into commercial areas. We had to talk with a security guard to get on one elevator that took us up to a garage, which we then crossed to get onto another interesting elevator to go up a few floors to the gallery. Once we got up, it looked like the gallery was closed because the two big glass doors were shut, but as soon as we walked up one slid open quickly to allow us in. The art on the walls ahead of us was very interesting, with women's body's without torsos, only heads attached. After reading the gallery transcript everything somewhat came together, but it was still good regardless of whether I understood it or not. 

We jetted out of Woodstock after visiting the galleries and headed into Cape Town to grab some lunch. We ate at the Royale Eatery on Long Street for lunch, which has some pretty crazy burgers to choose from. I had a massive sandwich with egg, bacon, cheese, and beef all thrown on a bun. There was stuff everywhere, I had to eat it with a knife and fork. But it was good and it was time to indulge. 

Stephen and I headed back home to meet up with everybody else that went on a wine tour and that turned out to be a pretty funny show to come home to. Everybody has had quite a bit of wine, and they are pretty much ready to keep the train rolling so we just pop a few beer bottles open and enjoy. We catch a cab to Claremont in the evening and hit Tin Roof which is always fun. This is where you order two beers for you and a friend and you receive four, so everybody is just dishing out their drinks to others. The music is blaring, the strobe lights are going, and the hips are shaking. We have a good time in Claremont, and the dancing finally comes to an end about 2am. 

It's a good Saturday - long, adventurous, fun. That's all I can ask for.