Dip in the Evening

Once again, Tuesday rolls around and all of the volunteers gear up for an evening in Kalk Bay at Brass Bell to sing a little karaoke. It is some people’s last Tuesday night here, as is the case on many of weeks, but everybody tricks themselves into thinking this needs to be a special night for this special occasion. 

We get ready to go in our regular fashion – The big group prepares at the place and our house combines with the girls house down the road to have a few concoctions before we head out. The beauty of going out on a night like this, as compared to the United States, is that is know I can go with 100 Rand ($13) in my pocket and have plenty of money. It’s impressive really. 

At 8 o’clock we catch our cab to Kalk Bay. We move into the place and immediately double the amount of people present. They love our group because, well, we provide them a good amount of business every Tuesday. We start signing others up to sing. One thing I’ve noticed is that nobody signs themselves up, it is always somebody else signing up another individual or group. Surprise! This week a couple of the guys, including myself, were signed up to sing “I Feel Like a Woman.” It turned out to be really good if you can imagine. 

Towards the end of the night, which is about 11:30 pm, somebody gets the bright idea that we should go jump into the ocean. This bar we go to is backed up to the ocean, and it looks pretty awesome with rocks getting splashed outside of the windows. They have even built a pool area that collects some of the ocean water and traps it within the rock barriers. I don’t think it takes me very long to oblige, because I’m all about making for a good experience, and this could end up making for a good story! 

Outside we go, already somewhat chilly. The water is going to be freezing. I run out as far as I can and rip my shirt off. I instantly feel the cold breeze against my chest and chills run down my spine. I have to do it now though, I’m so far out here, and I can’t turn back. I finish prepping for the jump in, then bite my lip and off I go. There’s an immediate rush. This water is very salty and very cold, but if I can continue to swim my body will somewhat warm up and I’ll adjust fine. 

This goes on for 15 minutes or so, then we have to get out to catch our cab back home. We obviously have no towels or anything, so I just drape my clothes back over me and hope they soak up enough for me to make it home without making a mess. 

It’s the random and spontaneous events like this that you remember right? So good for me in taking part. It turned out to be a great laugh for everybody else that didn’t have the gall to jump in the freezing cold water. It was a bonding experience for those that did.