Dance On

So what is this life all about? What am I supposed to do with this life I have?

I believe that I’m here, just as everybody else is, to make a difference. We each have something to give to the world. We each have strengths that can benefit those around us. The grand scheme is different for us all, and some may make small differences and others may make quite a significant change. Nonetheless, we each made a difference somewhere.

I think many of life’s obstacles are there for us to battle with, overcome, and walk away with a new insight. Learn something from each endeavor. As we go forward we don’t have anything tangible to show for our feats in overcoming these certain obstacles, but what we do have is the experience, and the story to share. 

We don’t go through our life everyday thinking this will be a day I remember forever. Those are the significant moments in time, good or bad. I don’t cherish my walk to a classroom everyday, but I will cherish the day I walk across the stage with a diploma in hand. I don’t long for the cubicle I’ll sit in during the coming months, but I long for the resources that come from my ability to cope with the cubicle as well as the pride that may come from accomplishments made in that cubicle. I don’t remember the daily grind of things; I only remember significant moments. 

I want more significant moments. I want my life to be overflowing with stories for me to share, life experiences that people long to hear about, and hopefully something I do along the way will inspire somebody to do something they love. Don’t settle, but strive for something you’re passionate about.

One of the best things a parent can do for their children is to be believers in themselves, and never stop the pursuit of a lifelong goal. The career can really damper the pursuit if it’s not apart of achieving your passion, so be sure to make small steps in the right direction, even through your career, in order to achieve that lifelong goal. I think that it’s important to set an example for your kids to continue to strive and be ambitious. 

It’s not all about whom you meet, but rather how you inspired them as you parted ways. It’s not all about what you do, but rather how it is you go about doing it. It’s not all about where you are, but rather the path you carved for yourself along the way. When you are there, and you look back at that path, will you be happy with your stories? Will you have any regrets? How will you make sure to spark inspiration? Will you continue going? 

I hope you dance on, and do so in an emphatic and cheerful way, and make the world good that surrounds you.