Bring N Braai

We had a spontaneous braai this evening for two reasons, John’s departure and Stephen’s birthday tomorrow. We just invited people from the other houses over and made sure we got some meat for the party before the market closed, because you’re lucky if any store is open on a Sunday. 

To explain further what a braai is, it’s an Afrikaans term for barbeque. It’s a social custom here in South Africa. What we had was what many would consider a “Bring and Braai” which is how we often did barbeques while I was in school. This was more or less a social event where friends came together in our small house with their own food in hand. Some brought steaks, some brought pork and chicken, and some did burgers, which I might add is not traditional braai food, but it definitely works. 

From what I learned at the braai I went to last Friday, it’s supposed to be done with real wood and it’s not ready to cook until that wood is broken down to ashes. We didn’t have the time, so we talked around and figured out they had wood charcoal, some that was almost charred enough already so it takes a fraction of the time. We jumped at it. 

I made sure to add at least one traditional meat to the party and got boerewors for everybody. This is like sausage back home, but of course they have some strange, probably Afrikaans word for it. It’s mainly comprised of beef, with a little pork as well. It does taste pretty good and taste even better when you know you prepared it yourself in your own braai. 

The foods turned out great, as there was a great mix of things. The night lead itself to a pretty laid-back evening of games with each other. We played the oh-so-popular Villagers and Wolves for a good part of the evening and that made for good fun. It’s always funny to see people argue their case as to why they are not the wolf this time, and see the villagers take out another innocent villager. It’s about as barbaric we can get within the walls of a quaint home. Everybody left here with a laugh and a full stomach I’m sure, as I definitely had one myself. I couldn’t pass up a good red meat tonight.