Blue Bird Garage

Tonight was a good night, a simple but adventurous night in Muizenberg. We went to a marketplace in the Blue Bird Café garage and it was like walking into an entirely different world. Once you crossed the threshold, it was no longer Muizenberg, it was a cultural melting pot, with hints of a vintage feel. There were food stands on one side of the venue, chandeliers hanging over makeshift tables and chairs in the center, and vintage clothing and nik-naks on the other side. It’s extremely lively, with people rustling about and chatting at the tables, it really gives off a true sense of community. 

It was immediately a hit with me. It was a good place to come on a Friday evening and wind down from the week with friends. It’s not like a party at all, because it ranges from small children to great grandparents sitting at these tables, so all you can do is get comfortable with your neighbor. 

The food is what first got my heart racing. I haven’t had proper Chinese food in a while now, and these ladies preparing the food made it with love, because it was great. It really hit the spot. The thing about the food situation here though is that it’s too hard to decide what exactly you want. You get an offering from each part of the world – noodles, a spicy Indian curry, or a falafel from another region. It’s actually overwhelming at first to hop in here and make such hard decisions. I had to take a break for a second and grab a wine to think my options over.

Needless to say, the offerings here are more than enough for whatever you might be looking for. It’s quite the culinary experience. It doesn’t stop at the main entrees either, because the deserts offered are exquisite. There was a secret desert that I’m going to try preparing back home that put me over the top, but oh my was it delicious. There were tables of cookies, colorful cupcakes, decorated cheesecakes and pies. 

After dinner you can peruse the other side of the garage for a shopping kick. There are racks of clothing lining the walls, with quirky jewelry lining tables as well as a menagerie of books. It gives off a cool coffee shop vibe actually with the music playing in the background. 

I left the place with an immediate anxiousness to return next Friday to try out the things I wasn’t able to this evening. The Blue Bird garage really was en excellent experience, an easy-going evening that was just as much fun as a night out Long Street. Just sit and get cozy, watch the people interact, eat and drink and enjoy