All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye

Why you wanna break my heart again?
Why am I gunna let you try?
When all we ever did is say goodbye?
All we ever do is say goodbye.

You know the John Mayer song All We Ever Do is Say Goodbye? That song seems to allude to  the experience here with other volunteers. Not so much the love song that it is, but the chorus that repeats itself over and over again. People come and people go. The welcoming is effortlessly easy, and the saying goodbye is drudgingly hard. I actually make my goodbyes quick, because I don’t like to think about it too much. 

I was thinking about the relationships you can build in a month’s time, and I was impressed to think about the friendships I found in such a short time. When you meet people with similar motives to yours you can connect quickly, especially in a foreign environment where each of you are vulnerable. It probably helps that you spend a tremendous amount of every day with these people - all of the outings in the evenings or adventurous activities are played out with these people.

It’s strange to think how easy it is to befriend these people, and the chances of seeing them again are minute. It’s hard to imagine traveling to Canada, England, or Australia to a remote town to visit somebody. When we say goodbye, chances are we are saying goodbye for good. Now in some instances, I could see meeting up with somebody else again if you connected extremely well, or especially if it could be done in a way you get to see many of the friends made here. 

Moving on, today was one of those days we had to say goodbye. A lot of the volunteers are leaving. Some have left before today, and some are leaving within the next few days, but we still are saying goodbye to many. It’s not exactly fun.

I went with my roommates to Kalk Bay to take my mind off the departures and to enjoy a little window-shopping. Kalk Bay is a pretty cool place during that day, because all I have seen thus far is the Brass Bell in the evening. It’s a little fisherman’s town with many colorful boats along the wharf. We walked along until we found Kalky’s, a fish n’ chips restaurant right on the pier, next the the fish market. To my surprise, we had a few friendly seals swimming in the dock area right next to the restaurant as we ate. 

Many shops line the main road, each offering something a little bit different. There are bohemian clothing shops, leather goods stores, rare bookstores, vintage clothing stores, and many antique shops to browse. It could easily take a few hours to go through them all. I got caught up looking in the rare bookstore and through the art galleries. Plus, I’m still on the lookout for the perfect African tank top so I kept an eye out. 

This evening is slow. I’ll be watching a soccer match once again, something that I find myself frequently doing. It’s actually nice to have so many premier league games showing at a decent hour for watching, quite a change from home.